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An Indie Game Developer

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We are using placeholder images that do not reflect our work currently.

Current Project: Spright

We're currently working on an Action Strategy game designed for Tablets and Phones. Instead of a fake thumbstick, we use the touch screen to capture a more intuitive control scheme. Games need to be made with touchscreens in mind in order to fully capitalize on their unique interaction with gameplay.

Our goal is to make a casually competitive game that should be easy to pick up, but hard to master. We are doing this by allowing users to draw their moves on the screen and having every ability utilize the same mechanic. 

Dev Update


Made this Website

Demo game is ready, documentation is done. Website is going up. I really hope this game can live up to its potential.

Ok, website isn't totally done yet. This is just the first deployment. We'll be updating it with new artwork and game information.

Expect updates soon.

Our Team

Boyd Buchanan

Founder, Game Designer, Programmer

Spright started as a game I made in Grade School on Pen and Paper. I'm happy and determined to bring it to life to share with everyone.


Lead Artist

Drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

Contact Us

Our website may be under construction, but our email works.


Working Remotely, United States