An Action Strategy Game

Control a team of Sprights on the battlefield. Strategically position your Sprights, set your Traps and Scout your opponents movement. Use the Fog of War to your advantage. Decieve and out manuever your opponent with clever tricks. Show your skill with Skillshots.

Spright is an Action Strategy game with mechanics familiar to MOBA and RTS games. 

Players of this top down Action Strategy game can expect Fog of War, with gameplay involving the Scouting of your opponent, baiting them into traps and manipulating multiple characters at the same time.

Where mobile MOBA games have players controlling a singular character with a simulated thumbstick and specific abilities, Spright embraces touch mechanics to enable players to command a dynamic team of characters on a battlefield. Each character has a set of shared abilities but come with their own unique ability, passives and augmentations. 

Multiple Win Conditions

RTS and MOBA games usually have only a Single Win Codition, either a Base Race or Defeating all your opponents troops. Spright has multiple win conditions that serve to encourage different gameplay styles to capitalize on certain win conditions over others. Multiple win conditions also serve to increase player engagement with one another by placing them either into direct conflict or allowing sneaky players to steal a win from the jaws of defeat.

You can defeat your opponents army, capture the base in the middle or destroy your opponents base. New win conditions and rule alterations will be released to keep the game fresh and encourage diversity in playstyle.

Skill Shots

Every ability utilizes a skill shot that is a drawn path from one of the characters. This minimizes the number of controls to learn and creates a consistent experience of abilities. 

Players draw a line from their Spright and must navigate between Blocks and through their opponent. The spright follows the line as drawn and will stop if it collides with any walls, or will attack if it encounters an opponent. By selecting an ability, the same skill shot mechanic instead will have the ability follow the path drawn.

Casual & Competitive

Spright plans to offer multiple game modes to battle in. A ranked Ladder mode, in which players choose from a shared pool of Sprights that everyone has access to. They'll take this team on the ladder and see how high they can go.

We also plan to offer a more casual mode where players will Summon Base level sprights and upgrade them to create their own custom Spright. Players will be able to battle their custom Spights with one another in a more casually competitive mode that would be based on both their skill level as well as the level of upgrades their team of Sprights have.

Collectible & Customizable

Our casual mode allows Players to level up their Sprights and customize their abilities. They'll be able to build a unique team and take them into battle against others creation. Every Spright will come random Traits and Specials and after leveling up the Spright Players can customize their abilities to their desire.

Players are encouraged to level Sprights and then Release them back to their realm. Players will be rewarded for releasing a Spright from their contract and they'll be able to summon a new Spright to Level and customize.

A Spright's desire is to get stronger, once upgraded they will not give back or swap their power. Players will want to summon new Sprights to get the customizations they desire. As their choices will be locked in. Players will not feel like they are punished for their choices, they will simply summon an new Spright to start leveling and will look forward to releasing a Spright to gain rewards.

Shared Actions

All Sprights share a similar set of attack types, however the abilities will have different effects.


Draw a path from one of your Sprights and they will follow the route. They'll stop if they collide with a solid object. If it's an opponent, they'll perform a melee attack.



Launch a ranged attack along the path drawn. The projectile will stop if it collides with anything.



Your spright will Lob a ranged attack that will ignore collisions and Explode at the end, dealing an Area of Effect at the end.

Excellent to use from behind cover or to drop for area denial. Move your opponent off the capture zone or force them down a path to one of your traps.



Traps are thrown along the path and will spawn when it collides with a solid object or reaches the end of the path.

Traps are hidden and will wait for an opponent to trigger it, dealing damage to your opponent.


Unique Mechanics

Every Spright comes with a special ability that may provide Utility, Deception or Buffs.
Stats, Traits and Augments further customize Sprights Abilities to the playstyle you desire.

Combat Stats

Sprights have Five basic Combat stats. Quick, Offensive, Balanced, Defensive and Powerful.

Quick units may be weak, but they can get on the battlefield fast and provide crucial scouting and utility.


Special Ability

Press and Hold on a Spright to Charge and Activate its special Ability. Be careful as your spright will be vulnerable during this time.

Specials can range from extra damage abilities, healing and shielding or create a clone to trick your opponents. Deception and cunning goes a long way.



Traits are latent effects that modify abilities or combat stats. Traits may give reduced cooldowns, extra health. longer Skill Shots or a multitude of desirable effects.



Augments are Traits for abilities. These further customize each ability according to the desired playstyle of the player. Wether it's more damage or faster cooldowns, there's plenty of augments to find a playstyle that suits you.


Game Update


Prototype Ready

Our prototype is ready for demo purposes. It lacks graphics but the gameplay is implemented to state where we can begin playtesting the core mechanics.

We're in the process of working through concept art. During this time we are working through the core gameplay mechanics. We'll keep developing with placeholder graphics and we should be able to plug in updated graphics easily, when they're ready.